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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is no longer about mere cost cutting; it has evolved to be able to deliver:

  • enhanced productivity and efficiencies to suit an increase in volume

  • improved staff retention and job satisfaction 

  • client satisfaction and better serviceability 

While you can certainly save money with our outsourcing services, you will also save time and could see a massive return on investment in the short term. 

Whether you are a large firm, a mid-size company or a sole practitioner or business owner, SBA recognizes that every client is unique and customises a bespoke solution for each client.  

Depending on your size, bringing in a small business may not always be viable. How does an Australian based ‘away team’ sound?


While you might be sceptical of the viability of these strategies, advances in technologies have allowed most aspects of your business to be completed remotely. Whether it be bookkeeping, digital marketing or IT support.

SBA have identified that our small business partners found the most benefit when outsourcing parts of their operations that were most time consuming or frustrating.


This results in both a reduction of time constraints and a morale boost for you and your team, sounds like a win-win, right?


Business Process Outsourcing doesn’t have to be done on an enterprise scale. In fact, small to medium business can benefit greatly from BPO because and it means the difference between hiring a full-time individual or team and using an as-and-when needed one from another company. That’s a massive difference in cost.


While BPO is commonly associated with corporations looking to cut down on the costs of hiring local labour – for example in call centres - businesses of all sizes are making use of companies to do their accounting, IT, marketing and administration functions.


Business Process Outsourcing can both improve on efficiency and be very cost effective, freeing up valuable company resources to focus on other, more critical tasks.


There are considerable benefits for medium-sized business; speed and efficiencies of outsourced business processes are enhanced, you get access to the latest technology, including robotic processing and AI. Furthermore, your company has the freedom and flexibility to choose the most relevant services for your operations. You will also get quick and accurate reporting, and save on resources related to staffing and training




The benefits of corporations using SBA for business process outsourcing include:


Financial: an outsourced provider can perform a business process at a lower costs or you can save money as a result of the relationship in other ways, such as in tax savings, improved efficiencies and access to technologies.


Flexibility: We offer greater flexibility to a corporation to adjust how it completes the outsourced business process, allowing you to better react to changing market dynamics.


Competitive advantage: Corporations can outsource those processes that aren't core to their businesses, thereby allowing you to focus more resources on the operations that distinguish you in the marketplace.


Higher quality and better performance: Because our staff are performing the specific processes they are hired to do, we are able to focus on providing those processes at the highest levels of quality, often with greater accuracy, efficiency and speed.

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